ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

微信红包扫雷安卓版下载the zbw – leibniz information centre for economics is the world’s largest research infrastructure for economic literature, online as well as offline.

Its disciplinary repository EconStor provides a large collection of more than 127,000 articles and working papers in Open Access.
, the portal for international economic information, allows students and researchers to search among nine million datasets.

微信红包扫雷安卓版下载the zbw edits two journals in economic policy, and , and in cooperation with the kiel institute for the world economy produces the peer-reviewed journal based on the principle of open access.

the zbw is a member of the and has been a foundation under public law since 2007. it is affiliated with the christian-albrechts-university of kiel.

the kiel insititute and the zbw cooperate in the yes! (young economic summit) for students and the global solutions conference.